Aim Guide

Here is what I recommend doing in order to train your aim:

1) Make sure that your mouse and it’s sensitivity is set at a level that you are comfortable with, and allows you to move the mouse accurately. If a small amount of wrist movement sends the mouse moving several feet in-game, then you have your sensitivity set too high. If you want to figure out how to get a true 1:1 mouse movement to on-screen cursor movement (or as close to 1:1 as you can get) I suggest using this website that phoon put together: worthless information about your worthless mouse It includes things like the MarkC mouse fix and is a great read to help you understand about your mouse and in-game sensitivity.

If you want the short and sweet version, try this: Set m_rawinput 1 in your autoexec.cfg file, make sure in the Windows Mouse Properties on the Pointer Options tab, that you have Pointer Speed as 6 out of 11 (the center tick mark) and have the Enhance Pointer Precision box unchecked. I would then also load the MarkC Mouse Fix for your OS.

NOTE: By using m_rawinput 1, CS:GO should bypass your OS and get the input from the mouse directly. There has been some debate about whether or not m_rawinput 1 or 0 have any real difference. I leave this up to you and what type of “feel” you get when using the mouse. I also recommend doing the additional tweaks and registry fixes in order to eliminate any possibility of the OS interfering with your mouse’s input and introducing any lag. As the old adage goes, “Better Safe Than Sorry”.

I also recommend making sure that you are able to rotate a minimum of 120 degrees if you move from the center of your mouse pad to one side of your mouse pad (assuming you have a large/x-large gaming mouse pad). Some people recommend 180 degree turn being the minimum turning distance, but I find that if you need to perform a 180 degree turn, chances are that in most situations you are already going to be dead before you make the turn anyway. Good in-game awareness (e.g. watching the radar, team communication about enemy location/contact, clearing angles before moving past them, etc…) and a good set of headphones will help you avoid needing to do a 180 degree turn the vast majority of the time.

2) Now that you have set your mouse up to be controlled with fine precision and accuracy, lets get into the bread and butter of the game: bullet control

Spraying is the close #2 way to get yourself killed in a fire-fight, with crouching being the #1 way (especially against non-advanced players, but I’ll get more into that soon).

I suggest loading up de_dust2_se [Maps Workshop Link]. Simply toggle open the console and type: map de_dust2_seand then hit enter. Once it loads, toggle open the console again and type: bot_kick This will kick all the bots from the map.

To get the gun you want to practice with, do the following: In console type: sv_cheats 1 and then hit enter. Now type:give weapon_weaponnamegoeshere and hit enter. For a list of the weapon give commands, I say to cheat and use the info in this bind script located on the gamebanana website. For example, to get an AK47 you would type: give weapon_ak47 I would also go ahead and type sv_infinite_ammo 2 in to console as well. This will give you infinite ammo, but you can still use the whole clip up and be forced to reload, whereas using a value of 1 lets you just continuously spray (which is what weDO NOT want).

Now that you have the weapon you want and unlimited ammo, you want to type another command in to the console, which will help you better see where your bullets hit and how close they are together. Go to the console and typesv_showimpacts 1 and hit enter. This nifty command will also show you if you can spam a box or wall by allowing you to see the bullet impact beyond the wall it hits, if it is indeed spammable, but that is another lesson for another day. Also go ahead and type weapon_debug_spread_show 1. This adds yellow brackets around the crosshair that accurately show the possible location a bullet could go when you fire. As you will notice it grows larger (more inaccurate) when you move or jump, and slightly smaller (more accurate) when you crouch.

Now, I suggest we do a little single tap (tap shooting), double burst, triple burst, and 6 shot spray control training, but first I would suggest going right up close to a wall, maybe 20 feet away and fire off a full clip and just watch the weapon dance and the bullets go everywhere. If you want to save yourself some time and effort, here is a website with a collection of GIFs showing all the spray patterns. You will want to click on the link labeled “C” under the weapon you want to learn. It is going to show you the actual pattern you need to mimic with your mouse in order to control the spray.

I would learn these patterns and ultimately work your way up to controlling a full clip of spray and being able to direct it into one point. But for now, lets focus on single tap (tap shooting), double burst, triple burst, and 6 shot spray control training from close, medium and long ranges.

Spray, Burst, and Single Shot Tapping Distances in CS:GO

  • Rule #1: Always aim for the head (*this does not apply to shotguns which tend to do better by aiming at the chest).
  • Rule #2: Never, ever shoot before your shot is a guaranteed headshot.
  • Rule #3: Always move the crosshairs back to head height once you are done firing (i.e. controlling recoil).
  • Rule #4: All weapons have recoil, and this recoil takes some time to reset or calm down. Firing again before the recoil resets will cause your next shots to be inaccurate regardless of where you think you are aiming.
  • Rule #5: Keep moving. While your recoil is resetting, move. Once it resets, do a strafe-stop and fire again.As you will find out, for close ranges 6 shot spray control will get the job done quickly and easily. You want to practice holding the mouse and letting go after 6 shots have been fired. Once you have the timing of how quickly 6 shots are fired, practicing aiming at head level and pulling down to chin level. If you are close enough to the wall, you will notice that all 6 of the bullets will hit very close to each other. In a live scenario, this should result in at least one head shot, if not several, and kill your opponent before he has a chance to kill you. I recommend playing around with distances further way from the wall and get a feel for when you need to move the gun from head level to belt level, as at that distance you have reached the max distance for doing a 6 shot burst.

    Now on to 3 shot bursts. The range for this isn’t too much further beyond the 6 shot burst, but since there is no accurate way for me to describe the distances, you will have to mess around in game and get a feel for this as well. Typically on a 3 shot burst you want to slightly pull down on the gun as your shoot it. It doesn’t take much downward movement, but just get a feel for it. Some weapons 3 shot burst much easier than others. The Galil and Famas 3 shot much easier than the AK47 since the 3rd bullet on the AK can be very random. You might find that you want to skip 3 shot bursts with some weapons all together and go straight to double burst.

    Double bursts are something that can be performed for almost all distances from medium to long. This is where you simply hold down the fire button and release after two shots. For most weapons this is how most people will shoot unless they are at a very long range.

    Tap shooting: This can be one of the most accurate ways to shoot, albeit the slowest. You can single tap, and double tap with extreme accuracy. Most weapons will even let you triple tap with more accuracy than a triple burst. This type of shooting is best performed with the strafe-stop as it allows you the most accurate shot while maintaining mobility and eluding your adversary by not giving them a stationary target.

    Here is a VideoThat goes in to depth explaining these types of shots with an AK47.

    I recommend practicing all of those shooting styles until it becomes a second nature to you. Here is a video to watch in case you are a more visual learner.

    3) Strafe-stopping. In case you don’t know what it is, this is where you are moving using the A or D key (going left or right, on the off chance you are using a different key setup that I do). If you are going left (the A key in this example), when you want to stop very quickly, release the A key and tap the D key very quickly. The same works for moving forward. To stop quickly you let go of the forward key and tap the back key. You will notice (if you are using a dynamic crosshair, or have sv_cheats 1 and weapon_debug_spread_show 1 enabled in console) that your player stops instantly and your crosshair shrinks down instantly as well. At this very moment is when you want to fire and then start moving again.

    This is a very complicated ballet of hand and eye movements that must occur, and most people struggle with learning this. This truly is what separates most of your advanced players from the rest of the field. When this is performed right, it can look like you never stopped moving at all, and will incur claims of cheats or hacks from the players who you just headshot. There are videos about this out and about on Youtube, but I tend to like WarOwl’s personally Sidestep Shooting CSGO 101 Tutorial.

    4) Training_Aim_CSGO: [Maps Workshop Link] I recommend using this map to practice shooting. It’s very customizable and offers some very good challenges. This will help not only your reflex training, but also your hand-eye coordination as well. The only thing you will need to keep in mind is that you will have to turn on sv_cheats 1 in console, and then use noclip to fly up and out of the floor. Once you are out of the floor, use noclip again to land on the floor. There are a few Youtube videos on how to use this map as well, so let Google be your guide.

    5) Go and put in countless hours of Deathmatching (or DM’ing). I suggest getting 100 kills with the AK47 and 100 kills with the M4A4. If you enjoy AWPing, then I would throw in 100 AWP kills as well. Try and push for at least 100 kills per DM session per weapon. It will be hard at first, but just remember the following: You will die. People will spawn behind you and kill you without warning. DO NOT let that bother you or frustrate you. Your goal when DMing is to get headshots and headshots only. Sure, if someone jumps out and surprises you, do a 6 shot spray and send that SOB straight back to respawning. Otherwise, just focus on moving, strafe-stopping, getting the headshot, and then start moving again. I would also highly recommend jumping into a 1v1 or Arena server as well. It is just like a DM server, but you are pitted against one other player. You can choose what weapon you prefer (AWP, Rifle, or Pistol) as well as Flashbangs (i would recommend against that at this time) and then you play on AIM maps. This teaches you to learn twitch reaction shots, strafe-peeking, and strafe-peeking shots, and the importance of making every shot count. If you would prefer a way to practice offline,sozu has a great video explaining how, and includeds the maps and config files in the Youtube description.


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