crouching is the #2 way to get you killed. Let me further clarify that it is the #2 way to get you killed against a non-advanced or regular player. Crouching is more of an advanced move, and I will get more in depth as to why that is in a moment, but first, lets break down the Pros and Cons of crouching .vs. standing.

  • Pros of Crouching: Slight increase of accuracy.
  • Cons of Crouching: Lack of movement and slower movement acceleration/speed, hitboxes are grouped closer to each other and making the hittable area wider and easier to hit.
  • Pros of Standing: Ability to move and faster movement acceleration/speed, hitboxes are spaced further apart from each other and making the hittable area slimmer and harder to hit.
  • Cons of Standing: Slight decrease of accuracy.

After reviewing these Pros and Cons, lets see exactly how much of an increase you truly get by crouching. I already mentioned this in the previous section, but here are the instructions for seeing the accuracy of a weapon.

Start an offline map without any bots. Once the map loads, open up the console and type the following:
sv_cheats 1
weapon_debug_spread_show 1
Now close the console.

You should now see the yellow brackets around your crosshair. Any area within these yellow brackets is the possible area in which a bullet will land when the gun is fired. As you will notice if you look at the area size when comparing different pistols, rifles, SMGs, etc… is that each weapon has a different potential bullet accuracy area. Now crouch. How much does the box really, truly shrink? Not that much at all for the vast majority of weapons (with the Deagle being the main exception).

Now, knowing that crouching really doesn’t provide a benefit to the vast majority of the weapons, why would you ever want to crouch? As an advanced tactic against advanced players.

For the sake of this argument, when I talk about advanced players I am referring to players who attempt to land a headshot before trying to tap, burst, or spray you down. When they come around a corner or peek an area, their cursor is lined up right where your head should be, thus increasing the chances of them killing you first by dinking your dome.

Now, as a CS:GO beginner, you will not be facing many advanced players, but more regular players. Regular players are the players who run around and tend to look/aim their crosshair at the ground. When the come up upon an enemy, they then try to move their crosshairs upwards to fire, and usually only make it to the stomach or chest area before firing.

Now, if you as a player crouch one of these regular players, you are taking the smaller and more separated hitbox area of your player, and bringing all the hitboxes closer together and making them wider, not to mention putting your head hitbox right at the stomach/crotch area. This means that not only did you just make yourself easier to hit, but you put your head hitbox, the most valuable hitbox to defend in the game, right where their first few bullets usually hit, giving them a distinct advantage.

This means you DO NOT want to ever, ever, ever, crouch a regular player.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, crouching/ducking is an advanced technique, and it is to be used against advanced players. You know an advanced player is going to be going for the headshot, so if you crouch-slide around a corner, you now have the advantage of being able to get a headshot on that player first, before they can get one on you. The same theory works in a firefight up close. You are spraying, they are spraying… and you crouch. They now have to drag their recoil down even further to try and goosh your head, while you can let your guns recoil merely continue to move upwards, hitting them in the head.

Against an advanced player, crouching gives you an advantage, provided you know WHEN to use it. This means that crouching is something you SHOULD NOT be doing every single time.


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