Grenade Control and Use

Learning Grenade Control and Use:

This sounds really simple and obvious, but in fact is something very, very complicated that I see most people not doing properly.

Let me break down my statement. When I mention grenade control, I mean learning the different physics of the grenades, as well as the timing/effects required to trigger them to work. Here are a few examples:

  • HEs and Flashbangs both blow up at the same distances.
  • You can curve the flight path of grenades. The WarOwl has a great Video Tutorial on Grenade Physics to help teach you. It comes in handy for doing certain tricks when using/controlling them.
  • You can bank molotovs/incendiary grenades off of walls/boxes but cannot bounce them off the ground.
  • You can affect how quickly a smoke grenade will go off by the angle that you throw it at the ground. For this concept, imagine a level aim as being 0 degrees, with aiming up as being positive (+) angles and aiming down being negative (-) angles. Using slightly negative angles (somewhere in between -1 and -10) while running forwards can cause it to hit the ground several times very quickly and go off quickly. On the other hand, using extremely negative angles (-45 to -90) will cause more bounce and thus take longer to go off. The same goes for positive angles. More airtime equals more delay before the smoke grenade goes off. You can also vary the time by the amount of forward or backwards moment you are using (or lack thereof if standing still).

As far as use, there are several:

  • Learn how to throw the vast majority of your flashbangs as “pop” flashes. This means that when they “pop” (explode), your opponent has an almost zero percent chance to see the flashbang before it goes off. This does two things: 1) It doesn’t give away your position early, and 2) it gives you the element of surprise. Grenade physics will help greatly with this, as well as practicing with HE grenades since you can see where it explodes, as well as see a small cloud of smoke that will linger in the air for a few seconds. Hone this skill as it is a great ability to have.
  • Learn what angles your or an opponent must have in relation to viewing a flashbang exploding in order to get blinded. adreN from Curse has a great video explaining this and Using Flashbangs.
  • Don’t just learn to throw grenades forwards, learn to throw grenades behind you strategically as well. This might mean sneaking into a certain position unbeknownst to the enemy and then smoking the doors behind you. To your enemy it would appear to be a defensive smoke which might draw them in closer to your ambush since they think you are behind it. The same goes for decoys. Throw a decoy at your feet. 9 times out of 10 people know its a decoy and will assume you are trying to draw their attention to it, so they will look elsewhere. Learn to throw flashes in locations behind you that will not blind you but will blind your opponent. I can’t tell you how many times this has saved me during a rush when I am alone in a site.
  • Learn the time it takes for people to rush from spawn to common areas. Then use “pop” flashes or HE grenades to disrupt them getting in to position, or to apply damage/allow for a pick.
  • DO NOT waste your grenades needlessly. It is one thing to set up a smoke/flash/HE/molly/incendiary grenade to help delay a push/rush that you might expect. That is helpful and can also cause your opponents to become predictable if they expect you to do it every round. However, if you are smoking an area off, then throwing in your flashbangs/HEs/decoys without even knowing the enemy is there, you just wasted several game changing advantages, as well as a nice little chunk of change. Save those nades! Use them to assist teammates with mid-round holds/pushes or site takeovers/retakes.
  • Learn grenade placement “tricks”, and if there are several different ways to throw them, learn those as well. This way, if you use a certain smoke to push an area for a few rounds, and then you find your opponent expecting you to do something a certain way when you throw it, its real easy to perform a “fake” by using a different method of throwing it, having a small delay (enough for the opponent to start rotating) and then push a different area of the map.
  • Practice immediately switching to the weapon you plan on using after throwing a grenade. This will let you equip that weapon faster than if you let the game auto-switch for you at the end of the grenade animation. I suggest jumping into an offline map, turning on sv_cheats 1, sv_infiniteammo 1, and then either buy or use the give weapon commands to give yourself a few different grenades and practice, practice, practice switching to your weapon immediately after throwing a grenade to help create an engram so that you do this automatically when playing.
  • Use this simple scripting trick to switch back to another grenade quickly:bind "*keygoeshere*" "use weapon_knife; use weapon_flashbang" What this does is automatically switch to your knife and then immediately to your flashbang (or whatever item you put in the script) when you press the key you have bound it to. This means that you can throw a flash, and immediately press the bound key, and then press mouse1 again to throw it. Trust me, this is much faster than trying to press QQ.

All in all, just be wise in your grenade use and make them as effective as possible at all times. When used properly, they can dramatically shift the game to your favor.


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